A silver fork to the left of a knife, silverware or cutlery used to eat a meal.

It’s commonly used when talking about knives, meals, and cooking.

🗡. .


A silver fork and knife on either side of a white plate, as set for dinner or another meal.

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ι═══════>. Emoji Meaning. Long Sword.

. This emoji features a knife with a long steel blade.

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This emoji should not be confused with that of a dagger used for stabbing, or the emoji of crossed swords. .

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🗡️ Dagger.
This emoji might be used when discussing cooking or seeing a slasher film.



. 🔪 Hocho. .

🗡🗡. crown text symbol. ⸜ (。˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝. . Combinations with 🔪 Kitchen Knife Emoji. Some people also use this emoji to indicate.

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Dagger emoji is a weapon-themed emoji. [knife] Emojis.

The Dagger is like a miniature sword used in only one hand.


Commonly used as a symbol for battle, fighting, or a contest, as in sports.

May be paired with Spoon or used with Fork and Knife.

Unsurprisingly, the picture of this set of table-ware is most often used in the context of eating and anything related to it — for.