Deor is a mixture of different genres such as Fantasy; Manhua; Mystery by author: J.

Deor by J. Nascido sem a habilidade para usar magius - uma rara condição que o rotula como um incompetente - ele depende de sua inteligência e persistência para provar que aqueles que acreditam que ele não serve para receber a.

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. It didn’t work out in his old life, but now that he’s been reborn, he’s trying again. We promise you that we will always bring you.

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oori is the author of Deor.
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8M; Genres : Fantasy, Mystery, Manhua, Rating :.

Alternative names: Deor - KunManga.

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Action -. beauty. The young prince, Deor, is an outcast in his own land. Deor Deor ; Author(s) : J. Action -.


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Born without the ability to use magius – a rare condition that marks him as an incompetent – he relies on his intelligence and tenacity to prove wrong those who believe he is not fit for the crown.

Deor relies heavily on his intelligence and tenacity to prove the individuals who don’t see him fit to rule wrong.

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