It should explain this in your manual, though.

Hi, The exclamation mark has two meaning 1)If the mark is within a triangle it is `vehicle stability assist system`is turned off meaning the `VSA` switch is turned off and thus if it is in off position the vehicles stability assist function is lost.

I have an orange triangle with an exclamation point that remains on all the time. This morning the yellow triangle warning light came on whilst I was on a very busy A road - couldn't get off for a mile or so.

Two questions: (1) Warning light appearing on dash, a yellow orange light, shaped like a triangle, with an exclamation mark in the middle read more.

The triangle with the exclamation point is just a symbol to notify you there is something that needs your attention.

. Mercedes has usually used the exclamation point icon for the traction control system. It should explain this in your manual, though.


If this light came on the dashboard panel of your car, it usually indicates that it is not an emergency, but that there is a problem in your car that needs. . .

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Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Vehicle service reminder.